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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our First Days at home!

Thankfully, things are settleing down nicely and we are happily becoming a family of six. I apologize for the lack of messages and photos, but after our crazy journey home, and trying to get over jet lag, we are almost back to normal and it feels great! After our homecoming which we did not go to bed until 3 in the morning Saturday, we had to wake early to take my son who qualified in a Rock Band tournament which he has been looking forward to for weeks. We could not let him down and we were so thankful we went because he got first place! He was so happy and it was so much fun. Mariah did so well being with all new people, which I was worried even taking her so soon. She just takes any situation and makes the best of it and it was our first family memory! The tournament was at a Harley Davidson store, so thus the pictures of the motorcycles!!! The next few days have been getting used to the time change and the obvious other changes! Which has miracously gone without many challenges. There has been tons of laughter, crafts, music, dancing, and a few tears here and there. All four kids have transitioned so well, sometimes I have to pinch myself. Mariah is such a helper. She loves to clean up, when asked and yesterday when I was sweeping, she wanted to use the vacuum. She was a little skeptical of the dog for the first day, but who could resist a 2 lb. Chihuhua? Not her, she is in love! She carries Jasmine the dog everywhere and cracks up laughing when they are playing. I have finally mastered Mariah's favorite food, congee and she has tried a few American items, but not a fan as of yet. She loves Lucky Charms (They are magically delicious) and also took a liking to plain pancakes. So that has been pretty much her diet. Congee, Lucky Charms and pancakes. Oh, and Ramen Noodle soup. I know that is cheating, but it works. It looks Chinese, it smells Chinese and hey it tastes Chinese. She gulps them up with her chopsticks like there is no tomorrow! Our master bedroom has come kind of a camp out of sorts. We did not want to single out any of our children and we left it up to them where they wished to sleep. We really felt like Mariah was not ready to take on her big girl bed just yet, and of course, Mya is a Daddy's girl, so she tends to sleep with us on a regular basis. So our bedroom looks like this: Two twin size matresses on the floor next to our king size bed. Ryan and Marissa have been sleeping on our floor and the two little ones tucked in our bed with us. It has been really special, although we have not gotten the best of sleep!!!

I am hoping that we can finally get into some sort of daily life routine that makes sense. We have just really been going with the flow, especially because the kids our on Spring Break. So I have been basically cooking, cleaning and playing my hours away. My house has been very unorganized as I still have a heaping pile of China stuff on my dining room. That stresses me out a little, but I know things will slowly improve. I just want normal and I can see it coming, I am just really ready!!!!!

Well, enjoy the pictures!!! And there will be more to come!!!!

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