The Moment we decided to adopt again!

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The moment we began waiting for our new daughter!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little did I know............

One year ago today God moved mountains. Today is the day that I was sitting at my laptop "surfing" and happened to click on a link for Holt Intl. Little did I know that within minutes, I would find my way to the "Waiting Child" list, little did I know that the first profile I would come across would touch my heart so close that I knew in my soul that she was my daughter. Little did I know that my husband would feel the same way when he came home from work that day. Little did I know that moment, we became a family of six. Little did I know that day would spark a swarm of new paperwork from Taiwan to China, but every piece of paper was worth its weight in gold for a little girl so priceless? A little girl that we still had no idea what she looked like until 2 days later, but already her image was in my heart. Little did I know that we would then have to wait 6 weeks because other families had wanted to adopt her also. Little did I know that we would turn two adoption files away still not knowing whether we would be the family chosen for this little girl who captured us. Little did I know that one year ago today would start our family on an exhausting, amazing, unforgettable journey across the world to China. Little did I know a year ago, little did I know a month ago, little did I know yesterday, little do I know tomorrow. I do know however that God moved mountains and continues to this very moment as we get to watch Wu, Miao Zhan transform into Mariah Zhan Hecky. I will remember June 2, 2008 forever!

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Tamara said...

Hi Mary,

Your family is just beautiful! That is an adorable pic of your girls. I'm so happy your family is doing well.

Sarah k said...

I am so glad that God led you to the right site at the right time! Your journey has been amazing and I am so glad to be a part of it with you! Your family is whole now and your heart is able to beat clear again! lol.... Love you! Thank you for the check ins on us. You are a very sweet friend that I cherish and will for alway!

Sarah k.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

ok so I am cryin now! Isn't it amazing to look back and see the hand of God guiding us? :)