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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of our Journey!!!!!

I honestly can't believe that I am writing that we are spending our last night in Guangzhou China. We wake up tomorrow and have our EXIT meeting, then go pick up Mariah's Visa and have the Oath Ceremony. Then we run back to the hotel, gather our belongings and head to the train station for our 2 hour trip to Hong Kong. We spend a short night in Hong Kong and wake up and head to the airport!!! Then it is USA!!!! I think I am going to give the Customs Guy a Bear Hug when we land in Newark! Poor guy, he won't know what hit him!!! I enjoyed our trip more than I could have ever imagined, but I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!

Tonight we went on the River Cruise which was so nice to spend some last moments with all the friends we have come to know very well!!! We also did the Red Couch picture, which is a typical Chinese adoption custom to have your travel group to take the children's picture sitting on the red couch! Lot's of screaming babies and there was Mariah total smiles and happy to show her underwear!! She is the biggest joker I have ever met. Not one serious bone in her body!!! We did some last minute shopping and everything is now packed! Now we just need a Visa and away we go!!!

It has been the most amazing journey for Chad and I. We have never gotten to share a moment like this together and we will remember it forever. If there is anyone out there even having the slightest desire to adopt, trust your heart! There are no coincidences, and God has put this upon you to care for His fatherless. As I look back from the very moment I felt the desire, I knew that God was working and there has been nothing that hasn't worked in His perfect timing, Nothing! He chose the perfect little girl that will fit wonderfully in our family and I bow my head tonight in prayer thanking Him with all of my soul that I can be her mother!

So, for now I say goodbye until we reach Ohio!!! Thank you all for all the prayers, support and dinners provided to my family at home! Thank you for following our journey, Our walk of Faith!

PS: Today is April 1st, 2009 exactly two years ago another miracle was placed in my arms in Taiwan. Our little Mya Min! I still can't believe two years has past. I remember everything like it was yesterday! I love you Mya Min. I am sorry we missed your special day, but Mommy is coming home!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Chad, Mary, and Mariah!
Happy and safe travel home!!! Praying for you all the way!

We feel privledged to be with the kids on Mya's special day. We'll give her a GIANT hug from you too!

love ya!
Mike, Diana and family!

ps...which one is Darren?

Chris said...

The little girl in the yellow hoodie seems so amused by Mariah! Mariah is adorable (and quite the little ham)! I am so happy for all of you. I can't wait to go - hopefully next month! I have enjoyed following your journey, and have taken a few notes on things to take along, as well as things that I think I'll leave home, now. Thank you so much for sharing.

Sarah k said...

Your trip has had me smiling, crying and just praising God for your wonder and amazement the past days. I am so very glad that all has gone well and that your Mariah is more than you imagined. God is so Good and we pray that you get home safe and your honeymoon continues for all the days to come!!!

Sarah k

Flamingo Mama said...

you are going home??? pleeze take me with ya!!! you know what's funny? i was begging you to take me with you TO i'm beggin you to take me home:)

i'm so glad you are having such a wonderful time. i hope you have safe travels!!!!!
ps thanks for your encouragement on my blog. we are just looking forward to getting to guangzhou!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

We just got back from vacation and I had to rush over and check on ya.... okay, you got me on this post. Here come the tears... "trust your heart" ... I can't wait until I can have her in my arms and say, it is all worth it. I am so thanful that you have found your little girl... a fiery little Mariah with the most adorable pictures ever and a fun loving mama ready for her family to be together forever. Congratulations mama and family... I need to go back and read through your posts now! =0) Sara.sofa